Sunday, August 02, 2009


Now, a visit to Disney World would not be complete without going on the Winnie The Pooh ride. Okay maybe just for me... and JuneMarie... and Heather... and Marsha...and, well I actually know quite a few adults who are Pooh
fans! Since my family love me so much and know how much I love Pooh, they rode in giant honey pots to ride through Pooh's storybook. The whole while I was reminiscing about when each of my six boys, as toddlers of course, were huge Pooh fans with Mommy! I had 5 to 8 years of quality Pooh time with each of them before they moved on to more grown up cartoons!
Jim and I often remember with great longing when Gabe would mumble an unintelligible story and add Trister Robin (Christopher Robin) into plot. So I have made the bear, his books and movies a rite of passage for each of my amazing boys!
So please enjoy a trot down memory lane for a very sentimental mommy!

"I'm just a little black raincloud." Yes I know the whole song along with all the other songs! Twenty-two years of little buddies to watch the movies with me!

"A Blustery Day"

T I double GGERRR

Of course Pooh gets his honey

I have a huge stuffed Pooh that Elijah brought back for me on his first trip to Disney! I did get an EEyore, my second favorite character, from the Pooh store after the ride! Thanks baby!

Outside there was a Hundred Acre Wood play area complete with the home of Pooh.

They are being thotful! Just too cute!
I am so blessed!

Now wasn't that fun! Thanks for playing and humoring a mom who just can't grow up!


These are from our last night at Disney. The Magic Kingdom had extended hours until 3am and we closed the place and left at 3:30am!

My husband just loves doing the panorama! I took about one trillion pics of the castle. It was so pretty! We were very sad to leave but look forward to returning next year!

Me, Jim and Goofy, Jim is the one standing!
Thanks for a dream come true Baby, it was a birthday gift to remember!
It truly was magical!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Since we have been on the NC coast for the past 8 years this was the first time Gabe and Caleb had seen snow. We tried to make this as special as we could and had a huge snowball battle for our little guys.
They had a blast!

The next day it was melting away quickly so I took them out to have one last snowball battle and Marty helped us build a snowman.

I kept count, well I had to so they knew they had an equal amount, and I rolled over 200 snowballs that morning.

Elijah and Zach sharing some brotherly love!

Elijah and his war face.

The neighborhood looked picturesque in the snow.

I got away from the mayhem and took a walk to the back forty to get a picture of the snow covered yard and house. I wish I had gotten one of the front!

The little warriors showing off the snowballs that Daddy made them. I have been told that Daddy makes the best snowballs but mine will do!
Of course, Daddy does everything better!

The back yard

Oooh, there I go!